West Coast
Little Dame Shop - San Diego, CA
San Diego Art Institute - San Diego, CA
Thick as Thieves - Palm Springs, CA
Alyce on Grand - Oakland, CA
Fortune Emporium - Livermore, CA
Public Land - Sacramento, CA
Luminous Coffee - Las Vegas, NV
Vesta Coffee Roasters - Las Vegas, NV
East Coast
The Delaware Contemporary - Wilmington, DE
Brief Assembly - Washington, DC
Kinship Coffee - Astoria, NY
Deeply Coffee - Orlando, FL
Ignuz -  Jacksonville Beach, FL
Maryland Saddlery - MD
Melle Finelli Jewelery - Boston, MA
In the Middle
Dishrags & Dustruffles - Fort Collins, CO
Your Friends & Neighbors - Cincinnati, OH
Minneapolis Institute of Art - Minneapolis, MN
Asher Gallery - Houston Center for Contemporary Craft - Houston, TX
On the Web
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